Covington Attractions

Nestled in the flowing countryside of Western Miami County, you will find the quaint, bustling Village of Covington. Covington sits at the banks of the Stillwater River and welcomes you to a charming rural community.

Founded in 1793, Covington was originally named Fort Rowdy because of General “Mad” Anthony Wayne’s rowdy troops. The Stillwater River, a state-designated Scenic River, runs through the western portion of the town. You’ll want to check out the beautiful outdoor spaces like Greenville Falls, Stillwater Prairie Reserve, and Maple Ridge Reserve. Don’t forget to walk the suspension bridge over the Stillwater River connecting Stillwater Prairie Reserve and Maple Ridge.

Covington is proud of its great and growing business community, shops, and restaurants. Check out the downtown retailers on the Miami County Boutique Trail and enjoy the tasty goodies while here. You can find all of this and more in Covington, Ohio.

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